2002 SAAB 9-3 2DR COUPE

Battery                               RED +                                                  (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Ignition                              GRN/RED                                             (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS
Starter01                           BLK/WHT (+) +                                     (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS AllDoorTrigger                   BLK     (-)                                              (-)            PIN 18 AT THEFT MODULE OR GRY/GRN TrunkTrigger                     BLK       (-)                                            (-)            PIN 3 AT THEFT MODULE OR BLK/WHT HoodTrigger                      BRN/GRY (-)                                        (-)            THEFT MODULE PIN FactoryAlarmDisarm         BLU/ORG (-)                                                        DRIVER'S RUNNING BOARD
ParkingLights                    GRY/RED(+)                                        (+)           LIGHT SWITCH HARNESS
Remote Start
Battery                               RED +                                                  (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Ignition                              GRN/RED                                             (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Ignition02                          BRN/GRY +                                          (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Ignition03                           + Accessory01                     GRN/RED +                                         (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Accessory02                                                                                   +
Starter01                           BLK/WHT (+) +                                     (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS AntiTheftType                    RF ACTIVATED SYS. AntiTheftSystem                TRANSPONDER NeutralSafety                    BLK/WHT (+)                                        (+)           IGNITION SWITCH Tach                                  GRY/RED                                             (AC)        TOP OF ENGINE SpeedSense                     RED OR BLU                                       (AC)        ENGINE COMPARTMENT AT ABS MODULE 
ParkingLights                    GRY/RED(+)                                        (+)           LIGHT SWITCH HARNESS BrakeLights                       VIO    (+)                                              (+)           AT BRAKE SWITCH 
ReverseLights                   WHT (+)                                               (+)           BELOW LEFT PILLAR
Horn                                  YEL/WHT(-)                                                         BELOW LEFT PILLAR PIN 15 ON GRY 33 CONN.
Doorlocks / Window
PowerUnLock                    YEL/GRY (-)                                         (-)            NEGATIVE TRIGGER PowerLock                        YEL/BRN (-)                                         (-)            SWITCH ON CENTER CONSOLE DriverDoorMotor01           BLU/BRN ON DR                                 (+)           SIDE AND RED/VIO ON PASS SIDE(THEFT MOD) DriverDoorMotor02           RED/VIO ON DR                                  (+)           SIDE AND BLU/BRN ON PASS SIDE (THEFT MOD LeftFrontWindow01           GRY/WHT RightFrontWindow01        GRN/GRY,GRN/RED,BLU/GRN(MA STER SWITCH LeftRearWindow01           BLK/WHT RightRearWindow01         BLU/WHT,GRN,GRN/YEL(MASTER SWITCH)                                                                                                                   
HeadLights                        RED (+)                                                (+)           HEADLIGHT SWITCH PIN 3 ON CONN. LowSpeedWipers              GRN  (+)                                               (+)           WIPER SWITCH PIN 6 OF WIPER SWITCH CONN. TrunkRelease                    RED/WHT (-)                                        (-)            THEFT MOD.
Mobile Audio / Video
Battery                               RED +                                                  (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Accessory01                     GRN/RED +                                         (+)           IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS Ground                              BLK -                                                    (-)            RADIO HARNESS Dimmer                             GRY/WHT                                            (+)           RADIO HARNESS PowerAntenna                  BLK/WHT                                             (+)           RADIO HARNESS FrontLeftSpeakerPos        LT.BRN FrontLeftSpeakerNeg        LT.BRN/GRY FrontRightSpeakerPos      BRN/BLK FrontRightSpeakerNeg     BROWN/RED RearLeftSpeakerPos         BRN RearLeftSpeakerNeg        BRN/WHT RearRightSpeakerPos      BLK/GRN RearRightSpeakerNeg      BLK/WHT
Control Modules

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